Hanna’s Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

My daughter Hanna celebrated her 3rd birthday just the other day and this weekend we held her party.  With our recent trip to Walt Disney World earlier this year Hanna has become obsessed with Minnie Mouse.  Which ended up being great for us as it immediately became the theme of her party.

Hanna 3rd Birthday

Our house was decorated up in pink bows, and there were cookies shaped like bows and the classic Mickey silhouette for the kids to decorate.  It was a great party but very exhausting by the time everyone went home and we finished cleaning up.

After everything was done I wanted to post something about her party and I wish I could say I commissioned a penny machine just for her party but sadly it wasn’t in the budget this year but it’s on my to-do list for a future birthday.  Instead I used this as an excuse to go through my collection and post some Minnie Mouse designs that I have acquired over the years.  To my surprise there really are not a whole lot of designs.  I didn’t want to inundate with you every single one but I picked out a few of my favorites.

Quick side note, I wanted to thank Parkpennies.com and Presscoins.com for their fantastic websites that are invaluable resources and helped with some of the details on these coins.

DL Adventureland Bazaar

First up we will travel to Anaheim California.  The above design was available in the Disneyland park in Adventureland at Rajan’s Mint.  This design has Minnie in what is referred to online as a “Shy Pose”.  It was first made available in 2006 and eventually retired in 2012.

MK Emporium 2005

After that quick trip to the west coast we now head down to Florida to check out some designs from Walt Disney World.  The above design was a pressed quarter I picked up on a trip in 2005.  This was the year the resort had their “Happiest Celebration on Earth” going on.  This design was available in the Magic Kingdom at the Emporium located on Main Street.

DTD Cap N Jack Retired

Above is a pressed pennies with classic Minnie’s face only.  This design was originally available at Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant located in Downtown Disney.  It was first moved in 2013 for the very beginning of the Disney Springs changes.  Then in 2014 it was relocated in Hollywood Studios at the Prop Shop.  In January 2015 this machine then moved again to the Fort Wilderness Campground at the Settlement Trading Post by the marina where it is currently still available.

RST All Star Sports

Over at the All-Star Sports Resort the above design is also currently on-stage and available.  It has Minnie on Roller Skates which I thought was kind of cute.  This resort actually has 4 machines in total available outside the Game Point Arcade which is across from the End Zone Food Court.

MK Tom Sawyer Exit

This design has Minnie dressed up like a Cowgirl.  It’s available in a machine located in Frontierland near the Tom Sawyer Island exit also close to Big Thunder Mountain.  This machine was first available in 2011, was temporarily moved to the Country Bear Jamboree porch in 2012.  As of 2015 this machine has been located at the Frontier Trading Post.

HS Prop Shop 2015

I thought I would end with a recent addition to my collection which I got earlier this year.  It is part of the annual design set that lists the year 2015 and has Minnie clasping her hands together.  This design is located in Hollywood Studios at the Prop Shop but not for too much longer with the end of the year quickly approaching.

As I mentioned above this is just a sampling of the pressed coins that have been available with a Minnie design.  If you’re interested in finding out more be sure to check out the above links I included for Parkpennies.com and Presscoins.com as they will have a much more comprehensive list.  These were a few I found and wanted to share since I was still in the Minnie Mouse mode from Hanna’s birthday party.  I know Hanna had a great birthday and will be curious to see what theme she requests next year.


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