Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration – New World of Disney Pennies

For the last week or so there have been some mumbling online about the next new set of 60th Diamond Celebration Pennies.  I am glad to say the machine was finally placed in Downtown Disney at the World of Disney Gift Shop.  I’m being told that the machine is located by then center set of doors.

These new pennies are the latest addition to the Decades sets that have been previously on stage.  The designs represent the decade of 1965 – 1974 and really have some great detail.


Each design does include the numbers 65 and 74 representing the above mentioned decade.  The images on each coin are as follows: The Inner Space Atom Logo, The Country Bear Jamboree, and the three famous Haunted House Hitchhiking ghosts Phones, Ezra and Gus.

As I’ve mentioned in the past there is supposed to be a total of 60 new coins for the Diamond Celebration.  With this new set we are slowly getting closer to the entire collection, but we still have a few more to go.  I’ll be sure to keep posting as the new coins become available.

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