Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration – New Downtown Disney Coins

I received word that a new set of pressed pennies went on stage as part of the special 60th Diamond Celebration going on at Disneyland in California.  The new designs are located in Downtown Disney at the World of Disney store.  These replace the previous designs that celebrated the “Opening Day” decades set which I have pictures below.

DTD - World of Disney Store 02 Pennies

The now retired designs included:  Opening Day Castle & Attractions, Opening Day Walt Disney, and Opening Day Tinker Bell & Dumbo.

DTD - World of Disney #3

Pictures above are the 3 new designs: 1955-64 Mermaid & Pirate Ship, 1955-64 Tiki Room & Skull, and 1955-64 Matterhorn & Rocket Ship.

It appears that the remaining limited 60th Celebration Designs are starting to show up but there isn’t any specific schedule I can find.  However if the trend continues with this latest set the new designs may be replacing the initially released designs.  So if you haven’t already I would recommend stopping by the parks and pressing them before they are gone.

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