Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration Coins

Way back on July 17th, 1955 Disneyland in Anaheim California had its grand opening day celebration.  Who other than Walt Disney himself could have predicted the huge success and amazing accomplishments his vision would have.  Here it is 2015 and the original Disneyland is celebrating its 60th Diamond Celebration.

DL 60th Banner

The park has undergone quite the transformation to help guests celebrate, and enjoy the parks in yet another unique way.  I really wish I could make it for a visit to see everything in person but unfortunately that just wasn’t in the cards this year.  So like a lot of people I have to celebrate from a distance.  However a few months ago some rumors began popping up online about special pressed coins that would be available during the celebration.  As the weeks went on more and more information began to surface and finally it all came true.

An announcement was made that there would be 60 (yes SIXTY) new pressed coins available during the celebration, and would only be around for a limited time.  On May 21st, 2015 the first new designs began appearing in the parks.  Currently as of the  writing of this there are 13 machines each with 3 designs, totaling 39 coins available as part of this special series.  To help guests find where all these new machines are, Disneyland put together a nice handout with the locations and brief design descriptions.

DL 60th Penny Handout

As you can see from the below pictures the handout is nicely designed and really a nice collectible.  I have seen people selling just this pamphlet on eBay for quite a bit of money.

DL 60th Penny Handout Inside 1   DL 60th Penny Handout Inside 2

With all these new coins designs it would be nice to have something to store them in.  Don’t worry Disney has you covered there as well.  They also designed a special 60th Diamond Celebration coin booklet to help keep everything in one place.

DL 60th Booklet Cover

Now let’s get into the new coin designs.  It’s taken quite a bit of work but I was able to obtain all 39 current designs available and will review each below.  First I wanted to explain that each coin does have a special back stamp.

60th Penny Back   60th Quarter Back

Above the design on the left is the back stamp on each of the pennies, and the picture on the right is the back of each quarter.

Let’s start small by checking out the designs available in Downtown Disney.  There are two machines here, both located in the World of Disney store.

DTD - World of Disney Store 01 Pennies

The first machine has designs of Donald, Goofy and Pluto.  Each of the pennies includes the Downtown Disney and D60 Logo.

DTD - World of Disney Store 02 Pennies

The second machine pressed pennies as well with the following images: Opening Day Castle & Attractions, Opening Day Walt Disney, and Opening Day Tinker Bell & Dumbo.

Next lets check out the machines available in Disney’s California Adventure Park.  Currently there are 3 machines available here.  The first was is located at Kingswell Camera Shop.

DCA - Kingswell Camera Shop Pennies

The designs available at this machine are: Carthay Circle, 60D Diamond Celebration, and Red Car Trolley.  Two of these designs include the California Adventure logo (Carthay & Trolley).  The next machine is located by Humphrey’s Service and Supplies.

DCA - Humphrey's Service Pennies

These pennies have the following designs: Celebrate, Soarin’, and Grizzly River Rapids.  The only other machine available right now in California Adventure is at Sideshow Shirts by Paradise Pier.

DCA - Sideshow Shirts Pennies

Some nice designs are on these pennies.  They include: Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, Fun Wheel, and California Screamin’.  With this park done lets heads over to Disneyland Park.  As you walk down main street the first quarter machine is available in the Train Station.

DL - MS Train Station Quarters

I always like the pressed designs on Quarters because of the extra-large surface there seems to be more available detail.  These coins had designs of: The Penny Arcade Skyline, Walt’s Apartment, and the Disneyland Railroad.  Just a short walk away the next machine is available in the Main Street Opera House, technically by the exit when you leave the theatre.

DL - MS Opera House Pennies

This machine presses penny designs which include: Critter Country Splash Mountain, Bow Tie Mickey, and Mickey’s Toontown.  Over in Adventureland at the Bazaar is the next available machine.

DL - Adventureland Bazaar Pennies

These pennies have very cool designs of some famous attractions in the park.  Indiana Jones Adventure, The Jungle Cruise, and The Tiki Room.  Over by one of my favorite rides Pirates of the Caribbean another machine is located in the Pieces of Eight Gift Shop.

DL - Pieces of Eight Gift Shop Pennies

Being in the New Orleans square are of the park these designs fit right in:  The Haunted Mansion, New Orleans Square Lamp Post, and a Pirate holding a Sword.  Nearby in Frontierland at the Bonanza Outfitters is the next penny machine.

DL - Bonanza Outfitters Pennies

These pennies have some cute Frontierland themed designs: Cowboy Mickey & Goofy, Sailing Ship Columbia, and the Mark Twain Riverboat.  After taking a ride on Splash Mountain if you head to Pooh’s Corner you can find the next available machine.

DL - Pooh Corner Pennies

My daughter really liked these pennies as Winnie the Pooh is her favorite right now.  The designs include: Piglet & Pooh, Christopher Robin & Owl, and Tigger & Eeyore.  What trip to Disneyland would be complete without stopping by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Inside you can visit the Enchanted Chamber and get the second machine pressing designs on Quarters.

DL - Enchanted Chamber Quarters

This machine seems to be rolling coins a little short.  I received two sets of these coins and both came this way.  I also saw some other sets online that looked the same way but no matter still very nice designs.  It’s a Small World, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and Matterhorn Mountain.  Finally over in Tomorrowland is the last machine at this time.  The machine is located in the Star Trader Gift Shop by Space Mountain.

DL - Star Trader Gift Shop Pennies

I like anything monorail related so this set was really nice to have.  The designs include: The Monorail, The People Mover, and The Submarine Voyage.

Phew that was quite a walk through.  Here’s a picture of all the coins together in one shot.

60th First 39 Designs

As I mentioned above there is supposed to be 60 coins available in total and right now only 39 are on-stage.  So we still have 21 designs that should be arriving sometime in the near future.  It may take some time to get each of these sets for your own collection but I can say once you have them it is really a nice set to have.  The cast members in charge of these really out did themselves, and I can’t wait to see what the remaining designs look like.

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