TEC News Editor’s Awards

I have a lot of things to write about and so little time to get them all posted.  I was a little behind from our trip to Florida earlier this year and most weekends since my family has gone on little day trips and have visited lots of penny machines.  I promise to get them all posted but in the middle of doing so I received a special surprise in my mail yesterday from TEC.

For those of you that don’t know TEC is The Elongated Collectors Club.  I have been a member for at least 4 or 5 years I think.  It’s a great club if you are interested in the hobby of pressed coins.  You get a quarterly newsletter, and special pressed coins with each edition.  There is a small membership fee but to be honest between the newsletters, coins and fellow member’s always available to help give their advice and expertise on the subject it is worth every penny.

So as I came home from work yesterday my mail box was partially open due to a large envelope stashed inside.  The address label listed my name and my daughter Hanna’s name along with my TEC member number so I knew this was club related.  I waited until I got inside the house and called Hanna over to see what we had received.  What we found inside was really a wonderful surprise that I was totally not expecting.

TEC Award Hanna

TEC had honored Hanna and myself with each a cute reward that was accompanied with a special pressed penny.  Hanna’s award was for being the “Newest member of TEC News in 2013”.

TEC Editors Award 2013

Hanna’s special penny had a carousel horse on it and the Editor’s Award for TEC 2013.  I can only imagine that there aren’t too many of these coins out in circulation so this is a really unique gift.

TEC Award David

My award was for Writing articles for TEC News in 2013 and 2014.  One of the articles I wrote was about a trip my wife and I had taken when my wife was pregnant with Hanna.  Our doctor’s had asked if we had planned our Babymoon which is like a honeymoon only you go on a trip before the baby is born.  Who knew.  We visited Lake George in upstate New York and of course there were numerous penny machines there so I wrote about the experience and TEC graciously printed it in one of the newsletters.  It’s really a great experience to share your penny squashing adventures with others who are interested in the hobby.  Those first few articles I wrote for TEC are really what started me on this Blog adventure.

Editors Award 2014

The coins I received included the same Editor’s Award for 2013 that Hanna did, but I also received the 2014 design.  Even through I’ve been a member of TEC for a handful of years I’m still always surprised at the things they do for their members.  Any time I’m at a penny machine and see someone who looks interested I make sure to have extra TEC membership application on hand and try to share the knowledge with whomever I can.  If you aren’t already a member please go and visit TECNews.org and check it out.  The website has lots of information available for free without being a member, but there are a lot of perks to the membership.

I’m not sure if anyone from TEC reads these posts but just in case Thank you for these little tokens of appreciation.  Hanna and I really enjoyed them and have them hung up on our wall for all to see.  These weren’t necessary but will be treasured.  Thank you again for everything you do and keep up the good work on spreading the news about our hobby!


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