2015 Disneyland Nickels – Anaheim California

With my family trip to Florida earlier this year I haven’t been paying too much attention to what was getting ready to happen at Disneyland in California.  But now that my trip is over, and all my newly acquired coins have been catalogued and stored for safe keeping I was finally able to start focusing on Disneyland.  Each year for the past few years they have also released special coins designs with the current year listed which I really love.  It makes for a great sub-category collection to try to acquire.  These coins were first put on stage back in April but I only recently was able to get a set from a good friend who lives near Anaheim.

DL - Main Street Opera 2015 Nickels

There are three designs and they are actually pressed on nickels which is pretty unique.  The designs include: Mickey & Minnie sitting together, Mickey & Minnie kissing, and Mickey & Minnie hugging.  All three designs include the 2015 year.

Now as exciting as these new coins are for those of you that are living under a rock 2015 is Disneyland’s 60th anniversary which is their Diamond Celebration.  There are all sorts of great things going on at the park and most exciting for me and other pressed coin collectors is that they announced there would be 60 (yes 60!) specially designs press coins only available for a limited time.  I believe there are different stages of these designs being released and I have already been told that most of the first sets have been acquired for my collection.  Hopefully they should be arriving this week and as soon as I have them I will post all about them.  60 new coins in one year is really cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.


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