2015 Walt Disney World Resort Coins – Part 5 (Set Complete)

Here we are three months into 2015 and I have finally finished collecting the new 2015 pressed coin designs from the Walt Disney World resort.  In total there are 15 coins that were scattered throughout the theme parks and resorts.  A reliable seller on eBay I have used in the past came through and had the last two coins I was missing available and I snatched them up as quickly as I could

Mickey QTR 2015

First is a pressed Quarter design of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey holding a Mickey ice cream.  This design is available in the Contemporary Resort on the 4th Floor concourse near the escalator up to the monorail platform.

Tinker Bell QTR 2015

The last design of this extensive set is of Tinker Bell flying and is available as a pressed Quarter.  This design is located in Hollywood Studios at the Mickey’s of Hollywood store.

2015 Complete Set

Here is it the complete 2015 set including 7 Quarters and 8 Pennies.  As I mentioned in the very first post about this set it really does make for a fantastic mini-set.  It would take some time to get to all the machine locations but I think would be definitely worth the effort.  Below I have the design descriptions and current locations for each design in this set.  When I visit the resort in a few weeks I’ll be visiting each of these locations to press another set (or two) and will update the below list if any locations have changed.  Happy hunting!!

Magic Kingdom:
Emporium Store – 2015 Cinderella’s Castle (Penny)
Main Street Railroad Station – 2015 Cinderella’s Castle (Quarter)
Splashdown Photos – 2015 Chip & Dale (Penny)
Sir Mickey’s Store – 2015 Apprentice Mickey (Penny)

Mouse Gears Souvenir Store – 2015 Donald Duck (Penny)
The Land (near the Garden Grill) – 2015 Nemo (Quarter)

Hollywood Studios:
Mickey’s of Hollywood – 2015 Tinker Bell (Quarter)
Prop Shop – 2015 Minnie Mouse (Penny)

Animal Kingdom:
Chester & Hester’s – 2015 Nemo (Penny)
Harman Railway Station – 2015 Pluto (Quarter)

Contemporary Resort (4th floor concourse) – 2015 Apprentice Mickey (Quarter)
Contemporary Resort (4th floor concourse) – 2015 Tinker Bell (Penny)
Grand Floridian Resort (2nd floor Lobby) – 2015 Goofy (Penny)
All-Star Music Resort (Note’Able Games Arcade) – 2015 Daisy Duck (Quarter)
All-Star Sports Resort (Game Point arcade) – 2015 Donald Duck (Quarter)


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