Muppets Grand Avenue NEW Pressed Pennies | WDW Hollywood Studios

With so many friends in our collecting community I will admit not much gets passed us when it comes to newly released pressed pennies, or even if a machine goes mysteriously missing. Any changes I usually get flooded with comments and emails which are always welcome and I try to keep the information here as up to date as I can. But recently it seems that a new machine made its appearance without anyone noticing right away. We don’t have confirmation of how long it’s been on stage, however once I heard about the possibility of this new machine I headed over to Hollywood Studios to see what I could find.

The info I had was that the machine was located back along Grand Avenue inside the Muppets Courtyard. The two machines inside PizzeRizzo’s were still there and unchanged so the hunt continued. The Stage 1 Company store is still closed for business which used to have three different machines inside.

The only other place I thought it could possibly be was inside the Muppet Vision 3D theater.

Sure enough I found the machine just outside the entrance doors. So you don’t need to go inside the theater or even watch the show if you are just looking to press a set of the new pennies.

The cabinet has as similar style to some others that can be found throughout Hollywood Studios. I can’t confirm for sure, but this does remind me of one of the machines that was stuck in limbo inside the Stage 1 Company Store. Hopefully we may see those other machines revamped and released somewhere else in the park.

This is kind of a random selection of elongated coin designs including images of Steamboat Willie (Mickey), Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Vampirina from Disney Junior, and Stitch & Angel. We think this is the first time Oswald has appeared on a pressed penny here is Walt Disney World and honestly I think he’s great and hope we see more of him in the future.

As always I want to give another big thank you to everyone out there that is sharing information on their trips and any new information on machines no matter how small you think it may be. It’s so wonderful to be able to share the fun an excitement of new coins with all our collecting friends. Keep on Pressing!


2 thoughts on “Muppets Grand Avenue NEW Pressed Pennies | WDW Hollywood Studios

    • Yes that is correct. Currently 4 machines. The one outside Pizzarizzo and this new Muppet vision machine look to be the ones that used to be inside the Stage 1 Company Store which has not reopened to date. This new machine obviously just has new designs. There used to be a 3-design Quarter Press inside that Stage 1 Company store but I doubt we will see that return since quarter presses seem to be going away completely.


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