100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallions – Walt Disney World Edition

It seems like almost every year Disney is celebrating some type of anniversary, and this year is no exception. They are about to start celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney the Company. There are plenty of things planed, and tons of merchandise that has started to trickle out now but plenty more still to come. There have been rumors that we will see some new special collectible medallions but so far nothing has appear in the parks. Make sure to bookmark this post as we will use this as the “Unofficial” Official 100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallion HQ.

Just recently we got our first piece of evidence that this rumor of new coins may be on the way. Over at EPCOT (and I’m sure the other parks) I found the above eye catching 100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallion Collection Book. It seems strange to release this if special coins are on the way don’t you think?

The beautiful reflective cover wrapped all the way around. This book costs $24.99 but if you are an annual pass holder, or DVC member you can use your discount on it.

Inside there are 10 plastic pages, each will hold up to 8 medallions for a grand total of 80 coins. The other interesting thing about these booklets is I have received reports of similar versions in Disneyland California and even Hong Kong Disneyland. So there may be lots of new collectible coins on the way.

If you come across any of these 100th Anniversary coins during your visits to Walt Disney World or any of the other Disney parks please let me know so I can keep this update to date to assist with everyone’s collections. Keep on Collecting!

3 thoughts on “100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallions – Walt Disney World Edition

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  2. This is exciting. the ‘hunt’ for the 50th anniversary medallions was really fun. No doubt the new hunt will be the same. Disney definitely should have an idea of how to do this the second time around.


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