WDW 50th Anniversary Medallions NEW Designs

** Updated 02/09/2023 The countdown has begun for when the 50th Medallions will be removed and no longer available to guests and collectors. Many of the machines now have these stickers on them confirming they will be leaving soon. So if you haven’t picked yours up yet, time is quickly running out.

I’ll admit, when we got to 53 total medallions for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration I assumed that was all of them. 50 designs for classic characters and 3 additional for the opening day on property resorts. That seems to wrap it all up nicely. But here we are months after we thought the full set had been released and I was informed by a fellow collector that 4 new designs were just released. Just a quick note on these I have updated our main post so there is an all inclusive place to see the updated information on the medallions that you can see here. But this quick post is just to try and catch your attention about these new coins and an update on an existing set. Let’s take a closer look.

Magic Kingdom

This machine can be found inside the Magic Kingdom right on Main Street inside the Hall of Champions store. This store is connected with the Main Street Emporium towards the far end closed to Casey’s Corner.

If you have been collecting the medallions you may notice that this machine has been here for awhile. The 50th Anniversary designs that were originally in this machine have been moved to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort Arcade (see further below for details).

This set has some really nice designs of Tinker Bell, Donald, Mickey & Minnie and Walt with Mickey all in front of Cinderella Castle. The reverse of each coin has a smiling Mickey face, and says The World’s Most Magical Celebration 50 Walt Disney World which is the same on all the medallions.

Port Orleans Riverside – Lobby Arcade

As mentioned above the 4 designs that were originally available in the Hall of Champions store have been moved into a new machine located at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

Just walk into the main lobby and to the far end you will find the Medicine Show Arcade.

The machines can be found just inside the arcade when you enter from the lobby doors. The new medallion machine has a completely white cabinet to match the two pressed penny machines nearby (these also have 50th anniversary penny designs click here to read all about those).

This set has designs of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lady and Tinker Bell. The reverse of each coin has a smiling Mickey face, and says The World’s Most Magical Celebration 50 Walt Disney World. Just as a reminder, if you already collected these from the Hall of Champions store in Magic Kingdom they have not changed and the designs are exactly the same.

Will we see any more 50th Anniversary Medallions, to be honest I have no idea. If you had asked me months ago I would have said no, but now it seems like maybe they are going to give us a few more during this second half of the celebration. If they do release any more you can count of us to find them, track them down and post them here so you can keep your collection complete. Thanks for everyone’s help with hunting down all these medallions, it’s been a lot of fun. Keep on Collecting!


11 thoughts on “WDW 50th Anniversary Medallions NEW Designs

  1. Hi David, I am writing this email to let you know I haven’t caught up on your recent videos but I can 100% promise you that I will watch them. I am doing okay but just have been busy working at Walmart and haven’t had time to just sit and watch the videos that you post. Anyway what I really mean is this collectible medallions look amazing. Maybe sometime in the future my family and I will plan a future trip to Walt Disney World to get these medallions and more pressed pennies to expand my awesome collection and hobby.

    Sincerely, Colton


  2. Darn it! I’m coming back in October and only needed the 9 from MK and already have my hopper passes from a cxld visit in June. But adding more coins and switching out machines is getting confusing. My daughter works at Disney, but it’s not easy for her to just go get them. Snd trying to buy them online is priced ridiculous! Thank you for keeping us up to date bc I wouldn’t have known!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


    • From why I was told there were special EARedescent Evening events for cast members only that happened a few times last year. As cast members exited these events they were given a special Cast Member exclusive 50th medallion. I don’t think they are giving any more of them out unfortunately.


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